Warranty Terms

Warranty means free repair of goods sold during the warranty period. Warranty repairs include only defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer. Only the Experts can confirm whether the defect is caused by the manufacturer.

The warranty period is the period you choose when you purchase the product.

The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the goods. Repair of expired or non-compliant goods is carried out on a paid basis in accordance with the tariffs of the VirtualMaqazin.

The goods are repaired within 14 days. The product must be sent to the seller by mail. In the absence of the required part, the repair period may be extended up to 90 days, taking into account the order and delivery time to the manufacturer.

The warranty period of the goods is extended in accordance with the period of its repair. Warranty repairs are carried out in the service center, the masters of the seller's shops do not have to go to the area where the goods are located.

A. Goods sold are accepted for warranty repair only if they meet the following conditions.
1. The product must be in place
2. The warranty period has not expired

B. Goods are not accepted for warranty repair in the following cases:
1. If the repair was attempted by any third party other than the specialists of the VirtualMaqazin.
2. In the event of external or internal mechanical damage caused by external impact, such as impact, pushing, falling to the ground, falling of a foreign object or liquid, and so on.
3. When voltage surges or defects resulting from its excessive or low. Manufacturers strongly recommend the use of stabilizers in case of connection to unstable electrical networks!
Caution: Compressors of refrigerators and air conditioners may break at low voltages!
4. If the electrical power supply unit of the product is out of order or defective.
5. In case of failure of audio and video headers (except for laser types). Their cleaning is not included in the warranty and is paid.
6. In case of violation of the rules of use of the goods. When household appliances are used in production. When the product is compressed or eaten.
7. When the phone or any product's touch or screen is broken
8.Phone or other system, tablet, computer system is corrupted or infected.
9. Problems that occur after formatting a phone, tablet or computer.

Unauthorized parts or devices
1: Adapter
2: Battery or powerbank
3: Usb Cable
4: USB conductive part
5: Toy
6: Mp3 players