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Tuya Smart WiFi Temperature and Humidity Sensor With Alarm Room Thermometer Works with Alexa, Google Home


Tuya WiFi Temperature and Humidity sensor features1.The temperature and humidity sensor can be linked with other smart devices in the home to improve the indoor heating and cooling, and make your home more comfortable;2.Low advantage design to ensure long-term battery life;3.The built-in high-precision digital sensor can quickly and accurately find..


Tuya Smart WiFi Water Valve Shut Off Smart Gas Valve for Home Safety


Tuya WiFi Smart Valve ControllerIt is possible to turn on and off the water and gas with Wifi.Tuya directly with your mobile phone or watchcan turn water or gas taps on and off by adjusting. An automatic water shut-off can shut off the water when the house spills water or leaks gasEven if you are not at home, your home will be safe.It works with Am..

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Tuya WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor Home Assistant for Smart Home Thermometer with IR Remote

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1. High precision.The sensor uses top suppliers. It can guarantee the high precision of the measurement data.2. Real-time monitoring and recording.The sensor uses USB power supply. Compared with the battery version, the sensor will monitor the temperature and humidity in real time. The sensor will report when the temperature and humidity changes ve..

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